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 Published in 1999 by M. Night Shyamalan, Sixth Sense had become one of blockbusters of Horror Movies at that time. 

The story was around a psychologist and a child who were under the other’s treatment. The kid, Cole (by Harley Joel Osment) possessed super power to see and vibe dead souls; however, the power did not bring him any pride or excitement but scare. Cole was introduced to Malcom Crowe (by Bruce Willies) by his mother with her hope of that someone can help her boy become less reserve and more open. 

Malcom Crowe appeared at first scenes of the movies along with his wife and success from his grateful work to help egoistic or psycho children was honored in a conference he just came back from. By his great work, Malcom had cured for many children who were psychological disorder, but Vincent was not able to be in the list. Vincent could see the ghost, too, just like Cole, but the doctor had no way to help him. 

Time came by and Vincent grow up. His symptom was getting more serious. He blamed on Malcom for not prescribe him a treatment so he got to the doctor house and shot him by a gun then suicided. 

The meeting between Malcom and Cole was three years later.  

Vincent to doctor Malcom was an obsession. Hence, he persisted to help Cole by his best.  

Cole started to have conversation with souls he caught an eye on and tried to assist them as advised by Malcom. Then he helped an innocent little girl who was assassinated by her stepmother. Cole draw up a plan to give the girl’s dad a record of assassination. Cole was successful to be frank to his mother about his strange ability and luckily, his mother comprehended and promised to help him at any circumstances.  

Back to Malcom, he finished his work with Cole and be proud of what he had done for a boy. However, he realized his marriage were on a hard time of his being so busy with Cole. Then he went home to make up with his wife, who was sleeping on the armchair and the tape of their weeding was casting. 

He listened to Cole’s advice which was that talking to his wife when she was on sleep.  

Malcom, also by Cole’s word, at a time, had self-imaged his death. (source



The movie became a blockbuster thank to its cast. Bruce Willies has fated to thrilling sci-fi and fantasies such as Color of night (1985-1989) or The fifth Element (1997) and it makes his appearance in cast impressive and no more suitable. Succeeding with sci-fi Armageddon, He brought in Sixth sense a seem-to-normal but strange doctor who are puzzled with both family and career.  

His action style is always like calm and serene which horripilate audiences in every line. And then after all, he finally give spectators a start when realizing himself dead, as always, in a creepily calm way. (source

Completing challenging conservation with doctor Malcom, try not to uncover the truth behind had brought little Osment (Cole) unlimited compliments form reviewers. Osment was in charge of the longest lines and showed up in the most scenes of the whole movie. Honestly, the boy did a good job at leading people deep into very moment of curious and thrill. His lines affects people’s nerve by childish voice raised and confusing questions about dead people. 


That would be too easy for people to classify Sixth Sense in to one of horror movies. It did not contain much killing and bloody, but it guided people into creepy feeling, made us cold and curious. If you watched the movie, you would understand how deadly curious it was when following Cole’s steps and desperately wanting to know what could happen next. Thrilling would covers the whole. We are thrilled after each time Cole said something, and we are thrilled at every even small sound in the movie. And we are thrilled after realized who was dead  

The sixth sense is more correct to be a supernatural thrilling movie after all (source). 

M. Night Shyamalan built up a story that we want to read more than one. As seen the movie, the moment Mr.Malcom realizing himself a dead person was the key for all scenes and confusing conversations. The fact of his death was secretly uncover in each conversation to his wife, his wife’s ignorance to his words, Cole advising him to talk to her in sleep, missing ring in Malcom’s hand,… However, people would see them as classic factors of thrilling films but they were the clues. Then people, after enjoying the end, some would watch one more time to understand what happened, other would search these details in second round instead.  

Besides, the movie raised awareness of family value and care of people in society. The same symptom as Vincent, but Vincent became desperate due to heartless treatment form people and family, while Cole was luckier, he got support from his mother and find a way to deal with strange and weird power he possess. He was in the same panic and worries but all had gone because of love form his family and social support (here is psychologist Malcom). Even the tale of the dead little girl, her tragic also came from her family’s conscienceless and social unreasonable jealousy (from step mother). Malcom lost his way in his marriage, however, if he was subtle and considerate enough to comprehend his wife, he would find out the problem which he mistook marriage blue. 

The movie conveyed strong messages to all people, to be more sympathetic and careful to all people. It may not just single carelessness, but combination of something will lead people to hopeless. 



Soundtrack applied was not much thrilling as the movie was. It generally gentle and slow, at important time, they applied a bit raised music to impress speaking and made an impacts on hearer. Basically, soundtrack of classic horror movies was chosen, too for deep feelings of thrilling and shocking. 

Color theme was simple with plain color. Scenes are mainly covered up with dark and grey theme for effects. Red was not much but it happen twice, one in Malcom house when he got shot and one in street when the woman got accident. 


Sixth sense was nominated for six Oscar for the best movie, the best director, the best Original Script, ..etc and four more nomination of BAFTA.  

The main character, Osment won the Golden Globe Awards for his outstanding performance. Bruce Willies also gained his awards for valuable effort in People’s Choice Awards.  


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