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One of the best movies by Christopher Nolan cannot miss to mention Interstellar- an adventure story of interspace travel. Nolan has barely failed to make blockbusters in Movies Industry since his first starting into this job. Besides Memento, Batman Triology or legendary Inception, Christopher Nolan again brought people into a world of fiction with non-sensely sense.

Interstellar exploited different aspects of life and science to make us into a multi-dimensional concept. (source)

If you are addicted to interstellar, we made sure that you are poaching movies in the same type which could at somehow bring you the feelings and emotions you used to have when watching every moves of Interstellar.

However, what kind of movies Interstellar do you see? In different looks, we can find movies at similar type with the equal value of meaning and knowledge brought by Interstellar.

Science fiction

Sci-fi will be the first signal of Interstellar we can read from. Christopher pictured a scene of Doomsday when our main character, the farmer Cooper, have to do something to save the Earth and his beloved daughter (source). It took use of space studies and human researches to introduce black hole and wormhole theories from the start. Unlike some other movies of the same type, Interstellar tended to be more real with scientific data, as styled by Nolan, for example, Inception. It contains proved theories or confirmed studies by Physicist Kip Thorne (source) and bases on knowledge people will be able to approach.

Gravity (link) is another good choice. Produced by Alfonso Cuaron in 2013, exploited proved theories of gravity before. The movie convinced viewers with true science knowledge and understandable expression for untrained spectators. Like Interstellar, the blockbuster got itself pride of optical effects. Watching the Gravity, audience will be drowning in massive space of galaxy and universe breathtaking vision of space around two astronauts’ ship.  It is a guarantee that this movie can treat all people with a feast of visional effects and beautiful scenes of the Universe but still full of background savvy. (source)

If only for it, 2001: A Space of Odyssey (link) in 1968 will be a good recommendation.  Made in nearly half of centuries ago, 2001: A Space of Odyssey epics a plan of finding a new home for humanity on the Earth. For a long time, the movie is the best well-known movie ever for its realism and prediction of technology and future. Born very early before advanced technologies and science studies proved, the movies had predicted convincingly physical theories and phenomenon in the future at that time.  And with interfere of Albert Einstein, the greatest Physicist of all time, producers had contributed more realism into the film (source). Besides, 2001: A Space of Odyssey got man attentions at that time thanks to its application of fabulous scenes and monumental sight of films, which, in Interstellar, is also an attractive point.

Moon (2009) is not a bad idea, anyway. The story told by Duncan Jones drew an exhausted and devastated Earth. In that context, Sam Bell (role-played by Sam Rockwell) had to be on his move to Moon in purpose of finding new promising land for human. During the searching, Sambell had faced to crises and his fellow traveler was just a robot named GERTY. Impressed by movie magic and out-of-box scenario. Reviewers evaluated it as an outstanding product of Sci-fi movie industry.



Interstellar, in another side, is a film of adventure. The trip of Cooper from space to space through black hole is a challenge of time travel and finding his way back to family from another planet. Adventuring scenario appeared in many movies which are labelled with space.

Apollo 13(1995) (link) told a real story happening in the Ship so-called in 1970. The movie differentiates from Interstellar signals of sci-fi. However, the trip by three astronauts in the spaceship occurred with the sameness of difficulties in time challenge. Breakdown in the trip caused three people in hard situation of how to come back the home Earth safely and on time. (source)

Star Wars series (1977) (link) by George Lucas have itself worldwide reputation of the best seller movie of all times in constant six years of public. The apparent plot of the series is fictional story of fighting between Jedi and his fellows against devil Darth Vader. By using classical heroic scenario, Star wars has been through eight episodes, you can see more in the list (source) and survived by sensational and thrilling scenes which were all famous throughout the world. Every products of Star Wars never fails to impress people and appeal for yelling of excitement from its fan.

In conclusions, Sci-fi movies attached with adventure and drama features are not a phenomenon. Consequently, not all product could be impressive enough to be the Blockbuster in the field. However, throughout half of centuries, there are still movies living with time and stay great ever.

Interstellar is just one of Christopher Nolan’s and luckily, it became blockbuster by unique and risky plot. Besides, from 1968, 2001: The Space of Odyssey had succeeded in narrating the story of future and galaxy, until today, we can watch The Space between us containing more dramatic scenes. Space travel fiction movies are not new, but they are getting renovated time by time to serve audience at the best.


If you have been through the cosy and emotional family story in Interstellar and cannot forget how beautiful it is. Your soul should be consoled by another affection.

The Space between us (2017) (link) made by Peter Chelsom comes in Summer 2017 and bring a wind of love to everyone. The drama in the movies will touch every hearts.

The Space between us showed audience a future of living in Mars, which are in real under investigation. The adventure by Gardner Elliot from Mars to meet his soulmate, Tulsa in the Earth comes out natural as the way it should be. The movie is kind of Sci-fi with prediction of technology and conditions which will able to be when human can build livings in Mars.


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